Minecraft Earth, the new Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go took over the world in a matter of days, combining the outside world and electronic devices. Now, a similar concept called Minecraft Earth is being rolled out in beta form to Seattle and London players, soon to be released across the globe.

PHOTO: Mojang

Minecraft released information about the game on April 17, asking people to ‘picture the scene: you’re walking through your neighbourhood and see a patch of grass. Grass is lovely and all, but you see this patch every day.’

‘It’s getting a little dull and is practically begging for a talented builder to brighten it up. So you take out your phone and craft a beautiful Minecraft build on a nearby picnic table. Then you place your colourful new Minecraft creation on the real-life grass.’

This use of argument reality is taking mobile games to the next level, bringing the Minecraft universe into our universe.

PHOTO: Mojang

‘This is Minecraft like you’ve never experienced it before, allowing you to give your day-to-day life a Minecraft makeover,’ Mojang – the creator of Minecraft – shared.

Here’s what you can expect in Minecraft Earth:

  • Collect! Minecraft Earth features many of the mobs you know and love, along with a bunch of new ones we can’t wait to show you. Over time, you’ll get the chance to discover unique variants, and use them to populate your builds. Minecraft pigs parading around your local park? That’s about to become your reality.
  • Explore! Your real-life neighbourhood is about to take on a new dimension. Gather resources, take on challenges, and experience a whole new world to discover!
  • Collaborate! Build even better by teaming up with other Minecraft Earth players. You can craft amazing creations together. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
  • Survive! Sure, you’re good at fighting hostile mobs in Minecraft, but are you ready to battle Minecraft mobs in real life? Best of luck, because we’re going to put your survival skills to the test!

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