Students visit Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

A group of Ararat College year 11 and 12 art/media students travelled to the terracotta warriors and Cai Gou-Qiang exhibit in Melbourne last Wednesday.

The exhibit – currently displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria – focuses on the differences in Chinese culture, between past and present. The exhibit represented original Terracotta warriors, (the guardians of immortality) and horses, gold and jade artifacts, and a range of replica items from the time period.

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Alongside the warriors, a range of Cai Gou-Qiang art pieces, including the Murmuration (Landscape), Transience (Peony), Flow (Cypress) and Pulse (Mountain) were on show, created by using gunpowder.

“It was good for students to experience the culture the gallery had to offer, the exhibit was breathtaking and allowed us all to connect with the creative arts,” Year 12 student Lauren Bowles said.

Once reaching the end of the exhibit students watched a video demonstrating how Cai Gou-Qiang created his art. The process was fascinating and unusual compared to today’s modern art.

Ararat College Media Teacher Melissa Murnane said the exhibit ended with a light lunch, after a beautiful tour of the gallery.

“The trip was provided by the Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Foundation which offers opportunities for regional students to view these amazing exhibits,” Murnane said.