Ararat’s Maternal and Child Health Service is on the move

Ararat Rural City Council’s Maternal and Child Health service is relocating to the East Grampians Community Health Centre next week.

The move means the Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Therese Arnott and Brooke Jess, will have a brand-new home that has more space for them and facilities for families.

MCH Nurse Therese Arnott at their current location.
PHOTO: Ararat Council

Ararat Rural City Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison said the service will now have two consulting rooms instead of one, an administration office and plenty of storage.

The service will be located next to the Toy Library – this will be where parent group gatherings will be held in the future. There will be two dedicated parking spaces for “parents with prams” as well.

Other allied health services such as dental, physio, speech pathology and
dieticians will now be in close proximity, making it easier for families.

“Being situated in the same building as other health professionals will make it much easier for families to be referred to specialists if needed,” Dr Harrison said.

The current Maternal and Health service will be closed for a week from August 5 to allow for the move. Nurses will still be available over the phone and continue to conduct home visits. The centre will reopen at its new location on August 10.

Immunisations will continue as normal in the new facility on the third Wednesday of every month. The next session will be on August 21.

“Our nurses are really looking forward to the move as it will mean a bigger and brighter space for them to help our new parents and their new arrivals,” Dr Harrison said.