Ararat Fire Brigade urges road users to ‘take care on the roads’

Emergency services were called to a motor vehicle accident on the Western Highway yesterday morning, east of Ararat.

The call was made at 1:38am when a truck left the road, losing the container on the front trailer and tipping over the rear container.

PHOTO: Ararat Fire Brigade

Ararat’s Fire Brigade said that they were also called to another motor vehicle accident 12 hours earlier, northeast of Ararat on the Pyrenees Highway.

“With the road toll up 50% on this same time last year and accidents on country roads up 74% on last year, Ararat Fire Brigade is urging the public to take care on the roads and be safe,” the brigade shared.

At 1:38 this morning, the Brigade was called to a MVA (motor vehicle accident) on the Western Hwy, east of Ararat. The…

Posted by Ararat Fire Brigade on Tuesday, 20 August 2019