Ararat 800 students prepare to stage ‘Schmozzle’

Ararat 800 Primary School’s grade five and six students will present their 2019 production of ‘Schmozzle: an adventure of intergalactic proportions’ tomorrow and Friday night, following months of preparations.

Students have spent the week at the Ararat Town Hall, rehearsing lines and songs before the show opens tomorrow night at 7pm. The original production was written and co-directed by Ararat 800’s teachers, David Collins and Matt Haddow, who explained the show’s storyline of intergalactic proportions.

PHOTO: Jack Ward

“(Matt) Haddow and I have spent a lot of hours out of school, just writing, getting together, putting it together and then we’ve had after school practices for the primary cast members who have sacrificed their own time,” David Collins said.

“It was a collaboration between Mr Haddow and myself. We had some ideas last year of the kind of thing that we wanted which was more of a geeky space theme.”

“We came up first with the idea of maybe having a couple of the Blues Brothers or Men in Black type characters and then everything just panned out from there.”

The show tells the story of two unexpected adventurers, who wake up from a very long cryosleep, fumbling into an adventure to save a village from the scourge of an evil emperor. During their travels through space, they receive the help of a variety of well-known characters, to find items that will ultimately triumph over the rise of evil in the universe.

PHOTO: Olivia McGrath

Student Natalie Kumnick plays lead role ‘Blake’ in the show and expressed her excitement as opening night approaches.

“I like being on the stage, I like singing and acting in front of other people. I’m just most excited about performing but I’m a bit nervous too,” Kumnick said.

She has recently performed in Ararat Musical Comedy Society’s Les Miserables so is looking forward to being under lights once more.

“It’s not quite together yet but it will be good. It’s come a long way this week,” Kumnick said.

“The parents will find it very funny because Mr Haddow put some adult jokes in there that the little kids don’t understand.”

Co-directer David Collins said audience members will be treated to an intergalactic adventure full of pop culture references from the ’80s and ’90s.

Tickets to the production can be purchased HERE or at the door.