Ararat rate notices are on their way to households

Ararat ratepayers will begin receiving their rate notices for the 2019/2020 financial year this week.

Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison said the people who get their rate notices by mail should begin to collect them during this week, with those choosing electronic delivery getting them near the end of this week.

“Ararat Rural City Council offers a range of ways to pay your rates including BPay, credit card, direct debit and cash at our customer service centre or Australia Post,” Dr Harrison said.

“All payment methods are detailed on the back of your rate notice but if you have any questions about how to pay, don’t hesitate to phone us on 5355 0200.”

Ratepayers can either pay their rates fully by 15th February 2020 or pay the first instalment by 30th September 2019, with the other three instalments due on the 30th November, 29th February and 31st May.

Valuations from 2019 have been applied to the 2019/2020 rate notices after a decision by the Victorian Valuer-General – valuations are instantly being transferred every year. Residents who wish to challenge their evaluation can do so by following directions on the back of their rate notices.

Taxpayers are able to sign up to accept their rate notice via BPay View, set up on online banking accounts.

“And if ratepayers are having difficulties paying their rates, the Council is happy to work out a payment arrangement, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us,” Dr Harrison said.