Nancarrow climbs to great heights

Ararat Fire Brigade’s Jeydon Nancarrow has climbed 28 floors this morning in Melbourne’s Firefighter Stair Climb. It took him 8:11.867 minutes to climb the building, placing 74th out of 138 participants in the ‘Climber-Off Air’ event.

“I felt unprepared but saying that I had achieved what I wanted by raising well over my  $1000 goal,” Nancarrow said.

PHOTO: Contributed

His tally currently sits on $2105 but that is set to grow in the coming weeks with more fundraising by local businesses and donations via his profile page.

“I went into the stair climb not caring what time I finished, or even if I finished at all. I wanted to do the fundraising, spread the awareness and just start the climb,” he said.

“The climb was a bit easier than what I was telling myself. The last couple of days I’ve been stressing about it and my anxiety was through the roof but I pushed through that and climbed.”

“Saying that it was still really tough, from the first step to the last I really pushed myself and took one step at a time.”

Nancarrow said his main goal was to spread awareness of mental health and that it is okay to seek help.

“To show people, particularly in the emergency services, by telling people my story about my struggles with mental health.”


Jeydon Nancarrow set to conquer Melbourne’s Firefighter Stair Climb