Contracted security guard unloads frustrations in an outburst towards protesters

A government-contracted security guard who has been working on the Western Highway duplication site between Ararat and Buangor has been recorded by a supporter, during a tirade directed towards those protesting against the destruction of ‘sacred land.’

The Djab Wurrung Embassy shared the recording on Facebook, calling it “disgusting.” Major Road Projects Victoria have confirmed that the woman heard in the recording is a subcontractor working on the site.

PHOTO: The Djab Wurrung Embassy

“We’re just not allowed to do anything physical. If they hit us, then game on, but until then… and they’re really pushing the buttons,” the woman told a supporter in Beaufort last week.

“I mean, what we have to put up with is just crap. And they have no respect for themselves, let alone anybody else,” she said.

“Some of them haven’t had a shower in months. And the girls, just filthy, absolutely.”

“The cops can’t do anything. It’s unbelievable.”

“They’re supposed to be getting out, but when? This has been going on for bloody weeks now.”

“And we said to them, we can get them off, not a problem. But oh, you can’t touch them.”

“We’ve all done martial arts, they’ll get a big shock.”

PHOTO: The Djab Wurrung Embassy

Major Road Projects Victoria released a statement yesterday following an investigation into the recording.

“MRPV deplores the views expressed in the audio recording and we will not tolerate racism,” a statement read.

“The well-being and safety of the community, as well as staff, contractors and sub-contractors, is paramount.”


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