Clap Back Queens begin their tour with a hit

Have you heard of Little Mix? If you haven’t, you may have heard of the girl group who clapped back at a certain TV Host called Piers Morgan.

Little Mix is a world-wide famous girl group that originated from the UK. Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy all auditioned separately on the X Factor in 2011 and since then have sky-rocketed to fame after being put into a girl group originally called Rhythmix.


The group have officially started their LM5 album tour. Many months have awaited for this tour to begin, even after they had to reschedule their tour dates – fans have still patiently waited for the girls to arrive in their cities.

Songs that are most likely to be featured on tour are Wasabi, Bounce Back, The Cure, Secret Love Song and Salute. This years’ four-month-long tour began in Madrid just a few days ago. The opening show blew everyone off of their feet.

Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy have worked extremely hard to get to the position that the band is in yet every single day they cope with haters, paparazzi and Piers Morgan.

Little Mix shared an edited video of Piers on ‘Good Morning Britain’, where we seem him demanding a public apology from the girls for posting their music video Strip. The video cuts halfway with a man laughing at a computer.

The video ends with Piers saying, “Come and say it to my face.” This of course transitions into a fabulous beginning for Wasabi – one of Little Mix’s top songs.

The first show was filled with excellent production, amazing vocals and outstanding choreography. Every single fan across the world could not stop speaking about it.

The very next day Little Mix performed in Milan, one of the highlights of this show was Jesy’s name being shouted in support after her documentary about cyberbullying, Odd One Out. It was released at the end of last week.

Tickets to the Melbourne leg of their tour can be purchased HERE.

Australian Tour Dates are:

7th December Perth, Australia

10th December Hindmarsh, Australia

13th December Melbourne, Australia

14th December Sydney, Australia

16th December Brisbane, Australia