We finally have it! Riverdale season four is not far away

Are you one of the dedicated fans awaiting Riverdale’s season four trailer release? If so, we can let you know that it has in fact been released.

Do you want to know what it’s like? Well, the creators of Riverdale can assure you Dark Secrets, Strange Days and Senior Moments.

The trailer was full of steamy moments with many couples, it seems as if though someone is after some of the children which would, of course, lead to some sort of mystery.


As the trailer opens we see a large group of people carrying torches, searching for someone which seems like a major plotline for the fourth season.

Another detail released about this season involves Luke Perry, who passed away earlier in the year. Episode one will be dedicated purely to the Riverdale and Beverley Hills 90210 actor.

It is expected to be an emotional episode, as they write Luke’s character Fred out of the show.

Riverdale Season Four will premier on Netflix, October 10.