James Mullin gets a second chance for state title

Ararat College student, James Mullin, has continued his successful public speaking winning streak this year, once again earning a spot in the State Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award.

Mullin has so far competed in the regional final in Ararat and the preliminary final in Ballarat. Now, he is heading to the state final for redemption.

“In a way, I’m feeling really good because I was able to go last year so this is almost my second chance to make amends for not doing so well last year, but obviously the same nerves,” Mullin said.

“It was very good competition in Ballarat, the competition was fierce as I expected it to be but thankfully I was able to get through.”

He says that public speaking has helped him expand and learn many new skills, transferring them into his day-to-day life.

“It has made me someone who uses their vocabulary more, in a more interesting way, by using different words instead of the same old words everyone hears every single day.”

“I think quicker on my feet, mainly due to brainstorming ideas for my prepared speech. I’m obviously proud of how far I’ve come in this competition.”

Mullin also encouraged others to step out of their comfort zones and be courageous.

“You’re the only one who can know if you can do it, if you get the courage to do it. Once you have the courage, you’ll find once you’ve stood up and started speaking any nerves you had beforehand go away.”

“You will always feel nervous and that’s a human expectation, don’t let those nerves over rule you and make you think you can’t do something.”

Mullin will head to Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance in late October for the state final.