AC News farewells core team members

AC News has farewelled six members this week as we wrap up our year of content publication.

Sruthi Kalluri, Emily Lewis, Olivia McGrath, Hannah Burns, Claire Leggett and Jack Ward have all announced their departure following a huge year for the team.

Departing members (excluding Sruthi Kalluri) PHOTO: Kate Sellon

Outgoing Producer and AC News Founder, Jack Ward held back tears during a farewell segment, stating that AC News has “turned into something so much bigger than [he] first imagined.”

“I remember our launch in the Trade Training Centre. I was nervous and excited as we premiered our first segment to the school community. I remember the people who were there from the beginning: Miss Sky, Miss Adams and the founding team,” Ward said.

“When crunching the numbers, AC News continues to reach more and more people each month. Thousands see our work and support us, putting aside our age and not debating our capabilities.”

“As I step down as AC News’ producer I feel a need to thank every single reader, viewer and supporter who has been there for me, the team and Ararat College as we brought the news to you.”

“This has all been time well spent. I have loved every second of it. It’s just not something I can do past this point.”

Ward is now moving into VCE and also launching a community podcast, with details to follow next week.

AC News will now take a break over the Christmas period, continuing once school recommences in February of 2020 under the guidance of Media Teacher Melissa Murnane. Content will be published at a reduced rate.